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What a mess I was in 7 Feb (Thursday's Carrier Quals)

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My very first trap was letter-perfect but nobody was watching.  Got back  into the pattern only to see a Hornet close enough to count rivets. Aborted my approach and went out for a new Initial call. I flew a bit more and got my Trackir twisted or something and struggled to raise my head enough to see out the cockpit. Bolter, at least. Phone call! Okay, returned to the pattern still flustered from the call. Bolter. Embarrassing.

More approaches after I realized that... somehow... my rudder pedals had (hopefully just) slipped a spring. Flying was insanely difficult. 

Finally got in a nice smooth trap. But oh, so scared for my rudder pedals. So, I clocked out.

Geez! The night sure wasn't kind to me!

Guys, hopefully I will have the rudder pedals fixed by Saturday.

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Eh, we all have rough days, ask breetai about his issues hahah.

Just shake it off and try again tomorrow/monday!

Also moving forward we're going to do things a little different with the pattern around the boat, things got to chaotic with 5 guys running around all willy-nilly (not that anyone in particular was doing anything wrong). So in crowded environments all flights will launch from the stennis and fly a case1 departure to ~7 miles and then enter the port hold and do a full commence from there. That should keep everyone out of each others way and prevent people from getting stepped on. (If there's just one or two guys flying, as long as its agreed upon by both the bolter/wave-off pattern can be used)

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Yup. I agree. It will take more time to do a cycle, but it's safer. If we have Marshall/tower and paddles, shouldn't Marshall/tower call flights off the stack and, to be sure, call the flights down the stack? What is the exact procedure for "spin it" from just after commencing but before initial, just after initial but before the break, from just after the break but before 3/4 mile? 

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