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Weird crash

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I was rtb after CCRP practice at 74B, fuel low (around 600 lbs) no stores, flying around 240 kts about 10 miles from Silverbow. I began to slow to about 220, dropped the gear and flaps, and tried to get onspeed. About 7,500 AGL, 178 kts, pulling .7 G's, the A/C nosed over almost onto her back and proceeded to fly back the opposite direction. Full A/B and pushing the stick full back was useless even at 108 kts. It got really weird so I neutraled the stick, stayed in A/B but she insisted on an inverted spin. Not sure what happened but I do know the bombing cues were acting weird earlier, also. I could see the bombing target with the diamond cue but the drop line was considerably to the left.

I am guessing my copy of DCS in memory got trashed somehow and flight dynamics got confused.

Oh well... DCS Hornet is still in pre-release.

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Well, tonight for the JTAC training, I had difficulty with SRS, DCS multiplayer list, as well as audio. I had this morning updated my graphics card's driver (GTX 1060) which just might have had something to do with it all. Who knows?

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