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Guest Plague

Tactical SOP Thread

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Guest Plague

Let's start combining current TTP (tactics, techniques, procedures) for our tactical SOP.  Everything from comms, flight TTPs, CAS, CAP, etc. 

The goal is to then collate all of these from around the squadron and make it the standard reference for each mission set going forward. 

Even include standard calls for specific events. 

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Guest Plague


  • Always request check-in even if abbreviated

CAS for Air: 

  • Always give attack direction and heading for ingress/egress prior to moving in from IP

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Carrier Operations:

  • Airboss/Mini-Boss/LSO
    • Comms Calls
      • Roger on Initial Calls, Check for Pattern
      • When abeam, call Paddles Contact
      • Calls for Roger Ball, Deconflict with waveoff or spin it calls
      • Check gear, hook, flaps announce if needed
    • Best works with 2 persons, 1x on overall pattern and admin flight ops, 1x on Plat Cam
    • Direct traffic on the deck to which area, which cat etc. 
  • Carrier Launch/Deck Control
    • Pilot call for clearance to cat
    • Airboss give clearance to specific cat
    • Pilot hook up, control wipe, "announce ready to launch on cat (number) to launch" to airboss
    • Airboss give clearance to launch from specific cat
    • Pilot announce "Salute" for launch
  • Case I Pilots
    • Carry on with appropriate pattern/landing actions unless told otherwise 
      • Comms Calls: Launch
        • Clear with Air Boss for launch
        • Salute
      • Comms calls: Landing
        • Entering for Intials (Clarify for T/G or Landing)
        • Into the Break 
        • Modex/Abeam (LSO "Paddles Contact" call)
        • Modex, Ball Call, Fuel State (LSO "Roger Ball")
      • Comms Pattern:
        • No calls after hearing a ball call. 
  • Case II Pilots:
    • Pilot calls for marshall, giving section, direction and distance from carrier, altitude then lowest fuel state: "Marshall, 201 holding hands with 205, mothers 270 for 56, angels 17, low state 5.4"
    • Airboss responds with recovery type, final bearing of ship (not BRC), marshal bearing to ship for number of miles and altitude, : "Marshal: 201, Crusader Marshal, Case 2 recovery, expected final bearing 083, marshal 260 for 25, angels 10"
    • Pilot rogers, moves to marshal area, calls Airboss when set
    • Airboss then will give commence time (game time)
    • at  commence time pilot will proceed to descend to platform, at 10NM from carrier, begin Case I recovery

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Suggest having pilots request to move and person acting as airboss spot the aircraft on deck, ie tell us where to go, what cat, where on deck, instead of us deciding. 

Abeam calls should be answered with "paddles contact" if you're going to acknowledge other calls.  And no radio calls from other pilots after a ball call.  Just continue with what you're doing unless told otherwise.  


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