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  1. Changelog 07 July 2018 Added "Mission Data Workbook" to "Squadron Developed Publications"
  2. Roman

    Guess who got his new rig today

    That sounds good Ch! Should serve you well. Lol Mustafa
  3. Roman


    Good to hear! Welcome back!
  4. Roman

    Guess who got his new rig today

    what hardware... We wants to know...
  5. Roman

    Squadron Videos

    Any you want me to pull salt?
  6. Roman

    Squadron Videos

  7. Can you translate this to English please...
  8. Okay that's 4 for advanced so far...
  9. Anyone interested in a group order? I am...
  10. Roman

    F/A-18C Study 101

    Exactly, and I found myself turning down the HUD for TO in the video.
  11. F/A-18C Study 101 Series

VMFA-251 is a virtual DCS World F/A-18C squadron flying the Belsimtek/Eagle Dynamics F/A-18C module exclusively. We focus on real-world tactics as best we can within the DCS Wold environment.

VMFA-251 is not your run of the mill DCS World squadron.

"Custos Caelorum"
DCS World Simple Radio TACview LotAtc