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  1. After over 10 years of flights, my HOTAS Warthog has deteriorated to the point where it's almost impossible to fly with it. The stick has so much stiction that makes it very difficult fly in formation. I believe I have found a new, sealed in the box, new 1. I hope to go up and get it here in a couple hours. I should be ready to fly later on tonight. Unfortunately, the price is unbelievably high. But, I'm so used to flying with it, I would be very unhappy if I had to use anything different. So, I'm going to have to give up frozen pizzas for the rest of my life. And, if anybody wants to help in robbing 3 or 4 banks, let me know.
  2. I just read in the F-14 forums about an assymetrical turn: hard right pull, AB left throttle, idle right throttle. Just wondering how that would work in the Hornet. I will try it later tonight. Plan: Angles 6, 350 kts, full AB and pull to keep 350 kts, time a 360° turn; then Angels 6, 350 kts, left full AB with right idle and pull to keep 350 kts, time the 360° turn again. Will let you know.
  3. Mac

    To everything, turn, turn, turn

    Well, forget it. I tried it. You lose speed very quickly. As everyone knows, the current iteration of DCS Hornet is very much underpowered. So, you need both afterburners in order to keep your energy up.
  4. Mac

    Old missile system

  5. Hi Breetai, Broadway and I have flown quite a bit this past year. It would be nice to see another jet jockey flying with us. I have been with DCS since LoMac. I've been with several squadrons in the past but this one is my favorite because of how we fly according to NATOPS. Well, as close to it as we can.
  6. Mac

    F-14 love

    I am quoting the original poster.
  7. Mac

    F-14 love

    Perhaps most of the numbers quoted in Wikipedia are quite accurate. You can begin at: https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ac/f-18.htm Scroll down to the FA-18C specifications. GE's reference is at: https://www.geaviation.com/sites/default/files/datasheet-F404-Family.pdf The empty weight of an FA-18C is 24,000 lbs. Internal fuel weights 11,000 lbs. Half of that is 5,500 lbs. That's 29,500 lbs at 50% fuel. Each 404 engine produces a static 17,000 lbs thrust. (That's the lowest number I could find.) Times two engines comes to 34,000 lbs. This leaves about 4,000 lbs of thrust for vertical acceleration that DCS Hornet just cannot do. Are any of my numbers incorrect?
  8. Mac

    F-14 love

    I was impressed with that 1/4 mile turn so, after I got my chores done, I went to Wikipedia to look up all the Thrust-to-Weight numbers. Yes, those numbers would seem to support such a tight turn radius. So I tried in the F-18, then the F-15, then in all the other aircraft that DCS has. The F-18 has a Thrust/weight: 0.96 (1.13 with loaded weight at 50% internal fuel) The F-15 as a Thrust/weight: 1.07 (1.26 with loaded weight at 50% internal fuel) With 50% fuel, these two aircraft should be able to go down the runway at 250 knots, go full burner, pull up into a pure vertical climb and then continue to increase speed. That's what Thrust to weight means. There isn't an aircraft that can do it. Not in DCS. (The Harrier can from a hover.) The Mig 29S gets the closest but still can only hold speed for a very short while. We all have been looking at procedures and weapon employment to be as realistic as can be. Yet, none of the A2G weapons are accurate, none of the A2A BVR weapons are accurate, nor are any of the flight dynamics any where near accurate. Wikipedia reports the Hornet can do Mach 1.8. I don't think I can get that even in a dive. I'm not complaining, though. I am thoroughly content with DCS... even with its quirks. A couple months ago, someone was yammering about how powerful DCS aircraft are. Then, when I heard that 1/4 mile turn in a Tomcat, well, it brought back all those numbers. DCS is just not real. So, it's still just a game. A very very good one, but still... (Oh, and there is no other simulator on the civilian market that comes anywhere near as close.) Now, I'm going to go finish washing dishes...
  9. Mac

    F-14 love

    Turning radius of 1/4 mile?
  10. Mac

    Are you guys still active?

    We were pretty busy this weekend as Geko had a weekend long campaign going. I ended up flying two sorties Saturday with Cypher as my lead and three of them Sunday with Highway as my flight lead. I think Broadway and Zipper was in there, but this weekend was quite full so I've lost track of who was doing what, when. I know Cypher and Geko were doing SEAD missions early each morning. Each of my own sorties were anywhere from 1 to 2 hours long. After Sunday night's third one, I was dead on my feet. Sorry I didn't reply until today. Yes, we're still are still active. Come fly with us, one day.
  11. Mac

    CAP 1v4

    TWS is so nice. Tacview attached. Tacview-20181117-182600-DCS-F-15 v 4.zip.acmi
  12. Mac

    CAP 1v4

    I agree. Just wishful thinking on my part. Note the fourth 120 went to the first target rather than the fourth. My mistake. I couldn't bug the fourth in TWS quick enough before I launched. The F-15 will cycle through the TWS targets. Anyway, I had four more 120's for that last bandit.
  13. Mac

    15 Nov mission

    Awesome mission tonight. Thanks you guys; this is what DCS is all about.
  14. Mac

    Screen Thread

    Nov 12 BFM, Redd v Cypher x2 https://home.mycloud.com/action/share/450b148b-c473-4a98-9188-7d0f01ad9cfa
  15. Mac

    Screen Thread

    Ha ha! Me? Do paperwork? NEVER! Besides: it was all Mustafa's fault.
  16. Mac

    Screen Thread

    Again, it's an hour long even with editing some blank comms out. YOu should be able to skip ahead again. This is my cockpit camera of 8 Nov 2018, this time with my audio. https://home.mycloud.com/action/share/68edb50e-be5a-43f7-8c78-3fa49838aeae
  17. The 9x works great. The cage/uncage works but the helmet display shows the circle then you need to push the cage/uncage to get the 9x tone. Push it again, it unlocks. Re-locate the circle on the bandit, push the cage/uncage again and get the tone. You can lock and fire up to 90 degrees off boresight. Next, the Lmav. Set up the laser code to each Maverick OR different codes to each Maverick (box the UFC button to highlight one specific Maverick that you can STEP around OR box the UFC button twice to get ALL the Mavericks). Get jtac to lase (either via 9-line or however). Select a Maverick on the stores page that matches the jtac's laser code. From 16 miles away, either target designate OR have the Maverick scan. You will get a lock at no further than 16 miles. The Maverick will not make it the 16 miles if fired from Angels 5 but, from my tests, the Maverick WILL make it all the way from Angels 10. It might make it from a lower altitude (Maybe Angels 7?) I'll have to test more. I fired from Angels 5 with a good lock at 16 miles and the Maverick did launch. But it ran out of energy about a mile or so short of the target. BE ADVISED: there is NO warning that it failed to hit. (I wasn't watching the HUD to see if there was a Time To Impact.) There is no warning that it hit, either. Jtac just reported the hit.
  18. Mac

    Two weeks later, they're here

    What might be really cool is have two jtacs with different laser codes and different targets. One Hornet inbound, launch one Maverick on one target then immediately launch a second Maverick on a second target then egress. 60 seconds later, boom... then boom again!
  19. Mac

    Happy Birthday!

    Does that mean that he's officially elderly now?
  20. Mac

    Guns, guns, guns!

    This sounds like something straight out of a goofy military comedy, but I assure you this is real: a Belgian technician accidentally set of the cannon of a military plane during maintenance, which shot another plane. That plane blew up, damaging the initial plane in the process. Talk about a bad day. As reported by Aviation24.be, the event took place at the Florennes Air Base on October 11. A bunch of planes were being serviced, since some were heading off for a training mission. A technician in one of the F-16s accidentally hit that metaphorical big red button and activated its six-barreled Vulcan M16A-1 cannon. Presumably before he even had time to utter “oh, shit”, another F-16AM had burst into flames. This one had recently been fully fueled for a training run, and yes, the bullets hit the gas tank. Oops! And because the world is cruel, the blast from the exploding F-16AM also impacted the plane that delivered the shots. Unfortunately, two technicians were also injured during the blast. The full extent of their injuries isn’t known, but the Belgian Aviation Safety Directorate has opened an investigation to see what, exactly, they can do to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again, possibly with even worse results.
  21. Mac

    Screen Thread

    https://home.mycloud.com/action/share/c491f684-0c11-42d3-9aa2-220eaf9963be It's an hour long but you should be able to skip ahead. This is my cockpit camera of 1 Nov 2018 BFM/AAR/Carrier trap
  22. Mac

    Monday night fights

    22 Oct 2018 video https://home.mycloud.com/action/share/61181ee6-cb77-48fc-bf0f-f7bd812b3a07 This video is from my cockpit. Please note: my audio was not recorded, much of the blank radio comms were edited out. Cypher, I did get a good view of your trap. Edit: the video is 48 minutes long.
  23. Mac

    Monday night fights

    29 Oct After doing a carrier trap with Nato, I went north to take on two F4E's. I fired at one who evaded and I thought he had splashed because he dove smoking to the water so fast. I focused on the second and took him out. I radar searched but couldn't find anything. F10 showed me that the first one I shot at was still up and running but heading up to Iranian land. I gave chase and we tangled. He got on my six so I forced an overshoot. Unfortunately, I couldn't maintain a lock enough to launch a 9x at him. Then I stopped dead in the sky with nothing to do except wait for the F-4's head on heater which took me out. Sorry, Geko, if I stomped all over your comms with my mayday. No, I did't leave in a huff. I understand. My wife came in (while I was struggling with getting out of my vertical stall) and demanded that I eat the chicken she cooked for me. (I asked Nato to make sure you knew I was not upset with you telling me to shut up! ) I am very glad we got some more pilots to keep carrier ops fun and complicated. Awesome realism! Good night everyone. See you Thursday night.
  24. Mac

    Next week

    So Chizh said, While new Hornet features and fixes like the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS), FPAS page, laser Maverick, and corrected air-to-air radar B-sweep are still on track to be ready next week, we need to adhere to our Open Beta release schedule and have time for proper internal-testing of these complex items. As such, these will be released in the next, scheduled Open Beta release on 7 November 2018. So, if last week was a no go, and next Wednesday is a no go, I am really worried that November 7th will be a no go, also. proper internal-testing So, this means that, IF November 7th is the actual day they are released, there won't be any bugs in these features? I mean, my gosh, we had a total Tacan failure on the Stennis last night which seems to be a recurring problem. I can wait until November 7th. But I'm not too sure ED will survive if these complex items come out full of bugs after all these delays and "testing". I say that in our forum because I would only start a riot in the ED forums.
  25. 20181025_143040.mp4

vVMFA-251 is a virtual DCS World F/A-18C squadron flying the Belsimtek/Eagle Dynamics F/A-18C module exclusively. We focus on real-world tactics as best we can within the DCS Wold environment.

vVMFA-251 is not your run of the mill DCS World squadron.

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