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  1. Mac


    Not sure we can do AA-2504 unless the server is reset and an F-5, F-15 is added to flyables. (I have both.) If not AA-2504, then AAR, formation flight, T&G. IF rough turbulance, just T&G.
  2. Mac


    In at 1930Q
  3. Mac

    DCS 2.5/Hornet Updates

    11 July, 2.5 GB update. Haven't had time to see what it's all about. Just doing it.
  4. Mac

    Regarding the current flight model

    I had lots of experience with F-4's, F-14's and A-6's in the pattern at NAS Oceana as well as on the CVA-59. The way I (almost instantly) picked up throttle management on approaches was from my hearing those engines spool up and down as the pilots worked them. Sadly, unless what I've read is incorrect, those engines were responding extremely quick, almost as fast as you can say, "up and then down" compared to the Hornet's throttle that has a big delay and slow response. Both Navy locations had engine test stands (the Forrestal had it's test stand underneath the fan tail.) Often you could hear the chest vibrating roar (of the J79-10's) go from full burner to idle faster than you can say "idle". The Hornet (in DCS) does not do this.) Thank you, Geico for your post. This is exactly what I was having a bit of trouble with. I had been hitting the break, pulling the throttle, hitting the downwind and then dropping gear and flaps. (Pulling G's to match airspeed/10). That's when the nose climbed drastically and my airspeed dropped to well below stall. Of course, I anticipated it and eventually got the VVI and the E to where they belonged and the airspeed around 130 kts or so. Oddly, I didn't find the throttle to be twitchy at all; I found it to be very well behaved... once I got the AoA and E where they belonged.
  5. Mac

    Guess who got his new rig today

    I know most people have 10 but I put 10 on my house server and regretted it for months. I found that I lost control of things (such as the infamous mandatory update) so I trashed 10, reformated my drive and reinstalled Windows 7. Both my machines have Windows 7 and are extremely stable. My wife has W10 on her laptop (new from the retailer) and I plan (when I get time) to trash her W10 and put W7 on that one, too. W10 is requires huge amounts of onboard memory which her weak laptop barely has enough of and has trouble running software. I have found that today's software companies are taking control of users' software in an effort to (1) keep the software updated at their convenience and (2) cut down on piracy. Unfortunately, in some cases such as Adobe, this takes privacy away, as well.
  6. Mac


    Two weeks in NYC? Your mind is ruined now!
  7. Mac

    Guess who got his new rig today

    Glad to see you getting ready to fly, CH. But, my god, Windows 10? Get Windows 7 and be happy and safe.
  8. Mac

    Screen Thread

    I flew the Eagle for years as lone wolf. It's a hard habit to break. Flying wingie for a couple weeks will help change your thinking. I have no idea how I'm going to respond in BFM. I'm probably still lone wolf in that environment. Hopefully not.... I, too, flew easy fun tricks like looping that huge bridge just east of Sochi. There's a short river run at Sochi where there are two low bridges that the Eagle and Hawg can make it under. However, if you REALLY want to fly, try NOE in a SAM gauntlet with bombs! Then, try to hit something with one of those bombs. Then, try leaving the area. In my recent practices, I flew against SAMs with my radar altimeter set at 50 feet and never going above 100 feet except to pop. THAT, my young Padawan, is flying.
  9. Mac

    Squadron Videos

    Do you want me to take that NOE video off YouTube?
  10. Mac

    Screen Thread

    The carrier, at night, is showing the island all lit up inside. Night ops is just about blacked out, usually. If I recall correctly. Might see some red.
  11. Just did the conversion: it's $30 for Canadians. How do I send my CC info to your Paypal? PM me if you like.
  12. For those of you who don't read Cartoonish, this is: Me also, but how do I get some dollars to you?
  13. I am in Canada and have very limited resources. I would like to send a $20 to the squadron but have no idea how to do so. I don't do anything but cash or a credit card which may not be accepted in the U.S. for some reason. (It works for DCS!)
  14. Me two, butt hao due eye get sum doll R's 2 U? Seriously, I'd love to send a Canadian twenty to the squadron but I can only do it with cash or credit card.
  15. I'll link this in a PM to Nato. I already did that and thought he did as well. (I had asked.) I believe the issue (many pilots have complained about it) is the tint in the HUD. For me, the split in the middle is a problem, but I move my (empty) head around a little to see what I need to see. Everyone else seems to have a great problem with how the tint washes out much detail when detail is much needed. Re: the AP. I have my NWS on mapped to my pinkie on the stick and disengage on my throttle button. It may be that I have a sticking button or something because I tried everything to disconnect and couldn't get it. I'll check my hardware later today to see if there is a problem. I thought it was a bug in the Hornet, maybe. I know the Tacan ON/OFF button had that problem. Occasionally, you have to hit it a couple times to use it. It was that way on my Hornet and a couple others have told me of their same issue. I have not had the problem (I don't think) recently.

VMFA-251 is a virtual DCS World F/A-18C squadron flying the Belsimtek/Eagle Dynamics F/A-18C module exclusively. We focus on real-world tactics as best we can within the DCS Wold environment.

VMFA-251 is not your run of the mill DCS World squadron.

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