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  1. Highway


    Don't forget to log your flight hours, whether you fly single player or on our server. Time to get some hours on the board 😀
  2. Highway

    Squadron Questions

    No reason really, just noticed it in your email address, which differed from your timezone.
  3. Highway

    Squadron Questions

    SSD is a must, as big as you can afford. Really cuts down on loading times and stops those stutters when over cities. Also helps with FPS. I couldn't fly without my Track Ir now. The guys who fly VR say they can never go back to Track Ir. VR must be amazing.
  4. Highway

    Squadron Questions

    Hi Chappie, are you from Ukraine? Thanks for taking an interest and good luck with learning the Hornet.
  5. Highway


    Hi Broadway, you sound pretty switched on and flying BMS properly is no joke. Hopefully DCS will become as involved. Self motivation to learn and being active is what we're looking for. Looking forward to meeting and flying with you.
  6. Welcome Big Country, look over the Checkride info, anything you aren't sure about please ask one of these knowledgeable guys. Above all, try your best and have fun. 😀
  7. Highway

    DCS and F/A-18C Updates

    Eagle Dynamics from my Facebook page. Hornet Update - 2 Sept 2018 For one of the next updates, correct Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) affect will be included. Now in the internal test version, selection of High or Medium PRF will be a significant impact on target detection. High (HI) PRF will be able to detect targets at longer ranges, but must have a good Vc. Medium (MED) PRF will be better at detecting targets at low Vc values (receding to abeam). The Interleave (INTL) mode will alternate HI and MED bars in the scan. In addition to antenna elevation, beam shape, azimuth, and range, this will be another important factor to consider when searching for targets on the radar. Some other priority items in the cue: 1- AIM-7MH Home On Jam (HOJ) mode 2- A/A Bullseye on radar page indications 3- Radar BRA indication 4- Auto range scale adjustment 5- HARM 6- GBU-10/16/12 7- FPAS page 8- JHMCS 9- Correct radar lock loss and RTS 10- LTWS Thanks! This is going to make finding A-A contacts a lot easier and should stop us dropping radar locks hopefully.
  8. Highway

    DCS and F/A-18C Updates

    That's Mac gold right there. Cracks me up. 😁
  9. Highway

    Gun run on range 74E

    Did the same me on bombing circle, after I checked my score through F10 etc. Next bomb didn't register.
  10. Highway

    DCS and F/A-18C Updates

    Oh dear. I can forsee lots of butthurt from Red pilots on ED Forums, moaning that it isn't fair. You wanted realism, you got it
  11. Highway

    Happy Birthday Geko

    Happy Birthday Geko. Have a great day 😀
  12. Highway

    DCS and F/A-18C Updates

    We need to do some more 1v1 work and look at Tacview after to see what you doing right and wrong.
  13. Highway

    DCS and F/A-18C Updates

    @GekoGet higher and nose down 2 degrees full burner, trade altitude for speed, get the right side of supersonic as much as possible, launch 10-12miles for a splash, human players 8-10miles. Give your missile as much energy as possible to play with. You won't hit a human player at that range Geko.
  14. Highway

    DCS and F/A-18C Updates

    Or if the bandit is heading towards you, then Maddog the 120. Better than firing nothing at all.
  15. Highway

    DCS and F/A-18C Updates

    As long as the radar doesn't lose lock while manoeuvring for a shot then great

vVMFA-251 is a virtual DCS World F/A-18C squadron flying the Belsimtek/Eagle Dynamics F/A-18C module exclusively. We focus on real-world tactics as best we can within the DCS Wold environment.

vVMFA-251 is not your run of the mill DCS World squadron.

"Custos Caelorum"
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