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  1. Highway

    DCS 2.5/Hornet Updates

    Normandy 1944 Update. Added Spitfire IX clipped wings version. Added bombs and external fuel tanks for Spitfire. DCS World ME. Payload panel. The payload can be renamed in all cases. ME. Carrier COMM FREQ can be assigned for each ship. Doors of hangar don't open after spawn the plane - fixed. Fixed crash that caused by helicopter spawn on carrier. ME. New a unit's 2D view on the map. Units to always appear above / on top of static objects. ME. New a unit's 2D view on the map. New button (tank in plan view) was added to lower bar in ME for show the unit models. ME. Ships. TACAN can be assigned to exact ship, not whole group. Incorrect route for AI when parking in a hangar - fixed. AI F/A-18C will not try to taxi to catapult occupied by player. The AI aircraft will not eject after takeoff if the carrier is deactivated. DCS F/A-18C Added carrier cold start instant action missions Nose gear shuttle will be attach to catapult correctly. Gear strut uncompression corrected. The aiming of CBU corrected. Waypoint number can be changed on Waypoint Data page. MDI's blank when trying to export to other displays - fixed. Removed 2*Mk-83 from center pylon. Unable to select AG weapon after launching AIM-7 - fixed. Carrier deck. After connecting launch bar to the shuttle, player can disconnect with second key U press. TACAN TTG indication errors - fixed. "AA Gun and AIM-9 Sidewinder" mission corrected. Course line disappears with 5 and 10 scales - fixed. Added abeam distance to course line. Gen Tie fixed. Added third option for throttle afterburner detent. UFC doesn't display TACAN channel and status when it's OFF - fixed. TACAN callsign is missing on DDI and HUD until TCN audio volume is greater than zero - fixed. Selective jettison releases rack instead stores - fixed. Holes in gear bays - fixed. Corrected fuel tanks pressurization cautions. Mk-82 Snakeye bomb always releases retarded - fixed. Caution EXT XFER is missing when external fuel available with BINGO state - fixed. Rocket pods can't be jettisoned without BRU-33 - fixed. Rocket pods can't be jettisoned from BRU-33 after rocket launch - fixed. AIM-7 on LAU-115 jettison - corrected. LAU-115 can't be normally jettisoned after missile launch - fixed. Single bomb can't be jettisoned with RACK/LCHR option selected - fixed. Current weapon is deselected after priority weapon has been jettisoned - fixed. Priority weapon station doesn't save - fixed. Radar too easily losing contacts - fixed. Systems still energized by external power despite ExtPWR switches are disabled - fixed. DCS AV-8B N/A by Razbam Simulations LLC Fixed external lights flashing inside of cockpit (disco strobe issue) UFC Waypoint edit and data entry logic Waypoint edit via moving map and TDC MPCD Compass radio logic Updated LHA Tarawa model and collision model Corrected braking force that was causing movement during 60% RPM engine check Add keybindings for anti-ski and electrical from community (Peagle) Added further keybindings and switch abstractions from community (LeCurvier and Nero.ger) Removed duplicate and unused Engine Start and Engine Stop keybind, to initiate auto-start or auto-stop sequence use the commands in the "Cheat" section (default Win+Home and Win+End) Training missions in Caucasus Rain falling on HUD glass fixed DCS M-2000C by Razbam Simulations LLC Strobe lights too bright fixed Rain falling on HUD glass fixed DCS CA Incorrect position vehicles sight when GUI scale option is ON - fixed DCS A-10C Datalink work restored. DCS Black Shark Datalink work restored. DCS UH-1H Fixed crash on repair. Campaigns Su-27 Ultimate Argument added CN localization F-15C The Georgian War - corrected all missions. M-2000C Red Flag Campaign - added documents. A-10C Shturmovik - no progress in 11th mission fixed.
  2. Highway

    Squadron Videos

    Well said Salt
  3. Highway


    Welcome Dirty, sorry for late welcome. It's been a busy weekend for me. In your intro you didn't say what days and hours you are available. Let us know thanks. Our official training/mission nights are Tuesday, Friday and Saturday evenings at 1930EST.
  4. Highway


    No problem and thanks for the interest. Im sure Roman will be pleased to know you like his video series too.
  5. Highway


    Whilst I don't want it to be a deciding factor if you would like to join or not, but I'm from the UK too, so you wouldn't' be flying alone at weekends. Unfortunately at the moment weekends are all I can fly, with some behind the scenes work during the week.
  6. Highway


    Hi BritTorrent. We are US based too. We have 3 training nights, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Training usually starting at around 1930 Eastern, lasting around 2 hours. We do fly other nights, depends how many people are around. This would be quite late for you I'm imagining being a 5 hour difference
  7. Highway

    SAM evasion Hornet

    Well if Geko and Redd can work their mission magic on the SAMs, I for one have no idea of what will be launching at what range. And that's very exciting and scary. Which leads me back to my original point, why take the risk? Let the Harms do their thing.
  8. Highway

    SAM evasion Hornet

    That sound brilliant Geko. Can't wait to Recon Flight a mission like that and give everyone the bad news.
  9. Highway

    SAM evasion Hornet

    I have no problem with Mac practising the Pop Up on SAMs. What I was trying to get across is don't practice something and then expect it to be the same in one of our future missions. Things are hidden and surprises raise their ugly head at the worst moments. Just a heads up that's all.
  10. Highway

    SAM evasion Hornet

    I think Geko mentioned that he might be able to trigger/script them like you describe Mustafa. Either way I'm all for realism. Quick question. For those of us with Combined Arms, can we operate a SAM system and make it like we are flying lead? Anotherwords, give them orders? Or do we have to constantly swap our "vehicle" and do it all ourselves?
  11. Highway

    SAM evasion Hornet

    Coming from an OPsO point of view, you won't be finding SA3s or any other SAM, sat in the middle of nowhere, nice and unguarded for you to fly over and bomb. I'm hoping when the HARM arrives, you will use it for what it is, a stand off, high speed weapon, and then only going forward into a target area to bomb using a Hard Deck to avoid AAA, only after SAM threats have been neutralised. SEAD may not be the most exciting tasking, but it's an important one. Less.of this heroic Rambo approach of getting SAMs to fire, only to go in close and drop bombs on them. No disrespect Mac but we saw how much that tactic didn't work out in Desert Crystal. To reiterate, SAM systems will be properly defended by other SAMs and AAA.
  12. Highway

    Screen Thread

    Geko, Mac & Redd.
  13. You firstly have to set up Comms 1 & Comms 2 from the DCS Controls page. Pick a keyboard button or a button on your HOTAS. Then, if the tanker freq isn't one of the Radio Presets, go to channel M on either Comms 1 or 2 and input the freq manually.
  14. Highway

    DCS 2.5/Hornet Updates

    Thanks Redd, I will try Auto in a dive.
  15. Highway

    DCS 2.5/Hornet Updates

    CCRP (AUTO) bombing is fairly inaccurate at the moment Mac, several of us have tried with bombs usually falling 50-100m from target. Hopefully it will get some love in a future update.

VMFA-251 is a virtual DCS World F/A-18C squadron flying the Belsimtek/Eagle Dynamics F/A-18C module exclusively. We focus on real-world tactics as best we can within the DCS Wold environment.

VMFA-251 is not your run of the mill DCS World squadron.

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