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  1. Plague

    Carrier Quals: 0922

    Carrier Qualifications: 0922 CQ3904 & CQ3905 Sign-up will be in the Ready Room
  2. Plague

    CQ3903: CASE III Recoveries

    Right now we are flying Wed nights and Saturday mornings and opening a third day, potentially starting this week on Sunday. So no worries, you will be able to make at least 2 of the 3 as per your schedule.
  3. Plague

    Carrier Quals: 0919

    Carrier Qualifications: 0919 Sign-up will be in the Ready Room
  4. Welcome to VMFA-251! Glad to hear you are interested in our Squadron. I won't echo what was already provided, but please feel free to ask questions and get familiar with the information provided. We will have the checkride packet up today as well for you to take a look at. Thanks for your service, I think you will find a very welcoming and friendly home here with VMFA-251. I look forward to seeing you flying with us!
  5. Plague

    CQ3903: CASE III Recoveries

    CASE III recoveries Sign-up will be in the Ready Room
  6. Plague

    CASE I question

    Great man! We all look forward to having you back with us! I am sure you will be up to speed in no-time!
  7. Welcome! If you are here you must be interested in joining VMFA-251. Please introduce yourself to the Squadron and let us get to know you. We are a very dedicated and friendly group focusing on the US Marine Corps F/A-18C Hornet mission. We are happy to have you here with us and look forward to getting to know you. Once you introduce yourself, one of our Command Staff or Instructor Pilots (IPs) will get with you and help you start your journey with us. Also join our Discord and say hi there, we are more active there: https://discord.gg/kYbyXbC Here is a list of our Command Staff and IPs: Redd, Commanding Officer Geko, Executive Officer & Instructor Pilot Mustafa, Maintenance Officer (Subject Matter Expert on all Technical/Website/Account issues) Beazle, Operations Officer & Instructor Pilot We all look forward to meeting you and taking the skies with you!
  8. Plague

    CVW-11 VR Plat Camera

    Excellent, I am glad it is helping!
  9. Plague

    CVW-11 VR Plat Camera

    The 113's works well, just can be a pain. Have to use a huey, which for SRS use means having it hot started and setting the radios, plus when you leave the Platcam view, you have to reset it. Besides all that, which are really minor things, it does work well and we have had success with it. But, if this is better, we will give it a shot.
  10. CASE II & III recoveries Added 2000-Series Tasks for completion as well. TBA Sign-up will be in the Ready Room
  11. Plague

    CVW-11 VR Plat Camera

    Nice, we have been using the VFA-113 LSO Mod for now. Can definitely look at this though
  12. Plague

    CQ3902: CASE II Recoveries

    CASE II recoveries Added 2000-Series Tasks for completion as well. TBA Sign-up will be in the Ready Room
  13. Plague

    Screen Thread

    Only managed to get one Screen during CASE I, meant to get more. Salt will have some video of traps as well.
  14. Plague

    1,000 Hours

    Gents, Just wanted to update everyone. I got the totals of hours flown, these are the total hours that all pilots of VMFA-251 have flown to date. That is from the recreation of VMFA-251 in February to today. 1,080 Flight Hours Congratulations to all, just of 10 pilots in the squadron we have amassed 864.5, which I believe is an accomplishment. Thank you everyone for your patience and dedication you each have contributed. I look forward to many thousands more.

vVMFA-251 is a virtual DCS World F/A-18C squadron flying the Belsimtek/Eagle Dynamics F/A-18C module exclusively. We focus on real-world tactics as best we can within the DCS Wold environment.

vVMFA-251 is not your run of the mill DCS World squadron.

"Custos Caelorum"
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