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Welcome to the VMFA-251 website. We are currently in a workup period in anticipation of the upcoming release of the DCS World F/A-18C "Hornet"  module. Once the F/A-18C module is released VMFA-251 will be exclusively an F/A-18 squadron but, until then we are currently using the DCS World AV-8B night attack module from RAZBAM as our sole airframe. This is definitely a work in progress but if you're interested in joining VMFA-251 we would love to hear from you.


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  1. Introductions

    Oh no worries, not stepping on mine. I just put together skins so we had something for the Harrier. Like I said nothing great really, so if we have someone willing to make them I am all about it. I am no artist and what I have done is very basic and...functional lol. Would be great to have legit ones made since my capabilities with skinning only go so far. As for me I am all about it if he wants to make them. CH has a thread up in the forum (guessing you don't have full access yet), where I put up my thoughts on these questions. I know we are having a meeting Thurs that will prolly get you the answers for these questions. Thanks btw for working this out, I look forward to seeing what Home Fries can do!
  2. Video from last Saturday

    Wow man. Incredible work! Great job putting that together. Once again you have far exceeded expectations Mustafa...gotta stop, makin us simple folk look bad lmao.
  3. Introductions

    I don't mind doing them if we have no one else to. However, my work isn't...artistic or very good, as other's might be lol.
  4. All Officer meeting 4/26

    Will be there.
  5. Introductions

    Hey, Great to have you with us! Look forward to meeting you and flying with you. I will get you added to the Roster and will get Highway going with an On-Wing and get your MAG-31 and FAMs knocked out.
  6. Saturday Squadron Night

    Continued Integration and training of new pilots.
  7. Tuesday Squadron Night

    Integration and primary training of new pilots.
  8. Screen Thread

    Nice didn't know you played bass Mac, so do I...well ages ago lol.
  9. For anyone who doesn't have the AV-8B II NA, until the Hornet comes you will be flying the Aermacchi MB-339 by by Frecce Tricolori Virtuali. It is free, easy to start up, forgiving in flight, and capable of all unguided ground attack munitions. The ED thread for the 339 is https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=169358. Please download and let the installer place it in your savedgames folder. When mapping the MB339, ensure you set up your controls to your HOTAS and keep these keybinds in mind: "FLAP: set "flap landing gear position" to lower the flap and "flap up" to raise Airbrake. set command "airbrake" and dont use "airbrake on" and "airbrake off" Wheel brake: set "wheel brake on" for a button or "wheel brake" in the axis section (only one axis is used) Trim: only pitch is activated because we use that only, we will activate rudder and elevator, our mistake, sorry." Note this: It is very low to the ground and the gear is tiny. When you take off, ensure you give a little nose up trim, roll to around 150knts and let it lift off with the slightest back pressure on the stick. DO NOT PULL THE STICK BACK HARD. Start up is very simple: (Video is decent shows it all without any guide) all external lights on/flashing Battery on GPS on Fuel transfer to Tip JPT Limiter on Master Start on Press and hold starter (let it just click for about 10-15sec) RPM to 10%, push throttle to idle Gen 1 and Gen 2 on Canopy Closed and locked/parking break off close speed brake, adjust flaps to half or full external lights to steady Ready to taxi
  10. Screen Thread

    Oh that's awesome Mac!!! Great stuff. You are like a playground Bully with those SA-8s....Nice song too...but you should have gone with Wanted Dead or Alive...This is your song Mac. "I'm a Cowboy...on a steeeel horse I ride..."
  11. VMFA-251 porn

    Planning on it post-deployment, since we will be tracking sorties, kills, etc. throughout the deployment. Then those will stay on through out the next workup. If I can make it work either week to week or month to month while deployed I will.
  12. DCS 2.5/Hornet/Harrier Updates

    Yea there is a ton of good info on them. It should be easy as long as it isn't legit layered with modern air defense. I am pretty stoked though, been hoping they would release the SA-2 for a while now. Such a missing element for Red Side.
  13. DCS 2.5/Hornet/Harrier Updates

    https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3458972#post3458972 DCS World 2.5.1 Update Version 2.5.1 for DCS World is currently in external testing and includes the new Offline Mode and improved memory management as its primary features. Now that it has been built, our valued 3rd parties are updating their aircraft to operating in version 2.5.1. Once this is complete, we will first move this version to the DCS World 2.5.1 Open Beta branch. Until we can release 2.5.1 with improved memory management, we suggest looking at your System Options in DCS World. One setting that has been found to help out considerably is the Preload Radius setting, cutting that value in half can make a huge difference in load times for multiplayer servers, we suggest tweaking this setting and find what works best for you. DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Update Since the last Hornet update, the flight model continues to be refined; Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) radar modes now auto-lock targets; the ground suspension model has been refined for landing and taxi behavior; a pilot model has been added to the cockpit view; new skins like the Blue Angels, VMFA-122 and low-vis skins for VMFA-232 and 323 have been added; external sounds are even more realistic; LEX vapors are more realistic looking; and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) ground alignment has been added. We have also released our 7th Hornet academic video, this one on Hornet waypoint navigation While this will eventually apply to all aircraft, the Hornet will be one of the first DCS World aircraft to incorporate our new rain drops on canopy effect. While still very much WIP, this little snippet shows of the general tech and animation we are using. SA-2 Guideline (S-75 Dvina) Coming to DCS World Although DCS World includes a large selection of Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) systems, the iconic SA-2 Guideline (S-75 Dvina) has been absent. We are now in the final stages of bringing this historic SAM to DCS World as part of a free update. More Screens: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/ru/downloads/screenshots/572/ Developed and first deployed by the Soviet Union in 1957, the SA-2 was designed as a medium- to high-altitude anti-aircraft systems using command guidance. Serving nations throughout the world, the SA-2 became the mode widely deployed SAM in history, with variants produced in China and Iran. It was an SA-2 that led to the shoot down in Francis Gary Powers in a U-2 spy plane over the Soviet Union in 1960. A typical SA-2 SAM battery consists of a “Fan Song” missile guidance radar, six two-stage S-75 missiles with launchers, and reload vehicles. A typical SA-2 battery is laid out with the launchers forming a characteristic “flower” pattern. Multiple batters comprise an SA-2 battalion, with a supporting “Spoon Rest” early warning radar and command and control vans. Three SA-2 SAM battalions are then organized into a larger SA-2 SAM regiment. The SA-2 is still in service to this day and will provide a valuable element to creating even more realistic DCS World battlefields. DCS World War II Assets Update There are three primary components that currently make up the DCS World War II, the Normandy 1944 map, the warbirds, and the World War II Assets Pack. We’d like to update you on each of these: DCS: Normandy 1944 Map Since the map’s release, there have been several improvements like new period objects (windmills, water towers, farm houses, etc.), better beach lines, corrected mesh errors, cleaned up textures, and more detail in the England portion of the map. Currently, Urga Media (the developer) is occupied with their Syria map. However, once the Syria map is complete, we will discuss with them further improvements to the Normandy map like use of speedtrees. Warbirds In addition to completing the final touches to the Spitfire (fuel tanks and bombs), our other primary focus has been the P-47D. More so than any other warbird though, this has been the biggest challenge due to the lack of data. Following the war, all wind tunnel and needed flight dynamics data was destroyed. To overcome this, we are using Flow Vision to recreate the needed data. This has proven a long and expensive endeavor. However, to create the detailed flight dynamics that DCS requires, we consider it mandatory. In consideration of what to work on after the Thunderbolt and Me-262, we asked people to express what they would like to see next, thanks for all the votes, we have submitted the results to the team and will look at what can be done in the future! You can view the results here. World War II Assets Pack Many new aircraft and ground units are in development for the DCS World War II Assets Pack and we’ve included images of a few of them in this week’s newsletter. We plan to release the first big update to the pack in June 2018. At that time, the cost of the pack will increase by $5 given the additional content.
  14. DCS 2.5/Hornet/Harrier Updates

    I know, it was too beautiful not to post again lol...sorry I thought in was in another thread and was too lazy to delete it lol.
  15. DCS 2.5/Hornet/Harrier Updates

    More hype train, know everyone has prolly seen it already, but posting it again because it is beautiful...
VMFA-251 is currently in a workup period in anticipation of the upcoming release of the DCS World F/A-18C "Hornet" module. Once the F/A-18C model is released VMFA-251 will be exclusively an F/A-18 squadron but, until then we are currently using the DCS World AV-8B night attack module from RAZBAM as our sole airframe.
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