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  1. Geko

    DCS 2.5/Hornet Updates

    Many new items coming next week: 1- Aircraft no longer slide on the carrier deck, at any carrier speed. 2- STT track will not switch lock uncommanded. 3- RADAR SIL (radar silence) and STBY mode has been implemented. See image. 4- RWR display logic has been further improved, with critical threat lines added. See image. 5- Option on ME to select single or ripple release (was not in fact merged for last update) 6- DUD cue added for when HT or fuze setting is below current aircraft AGL. See image. 7- RWS page SET and weapon and count added when a weapon is in priority. See image. 8- Night Vision Goggles (NVG) added. See image. 9- Instrumented Carrier Landing System (ICLS) added. See image.
  2. Geko

    Regarding the current flight model

    Shall I switch up the winds a bit and make 14 the active so we can break over the other side of the airfield? Much more even terrain over there.
  3. Geko

    Regarding the current flight model

    I'm with you, I land full flaps as well, and I guess I'm just used to it or something because it feels fine enough to me. A little twitchy, but as long as I'm attentive it's not bad. This is what I'm doing as I roll out of the break turn: Throttles idle when I start the break Gear down, flaps full at 250kts, usually just before roll out As I roll level with gear and flaps full, about 210-220kts, the nose wants to go high but speed is dropping rapidly, throttles still idle, a little stick forward to keep the nose in check E bracket is high above the FPM/VV As speed rapidly bleeds below ~175kts, the E bracket starts to drop and the FPM/VV drops as well. Get ready with the throttle... As the E bracket drops, I apply healthy amounts of nose-up trim to keep the FPM/VV on the horizon and get on the throttle actively to arrest my dropping airspeed Once I'm ballpark on-speed, I fine tune my trim to keep the FPM on the horizon and E bracket centered with only subtle, but constant, stick/trim and throttle adjustments I find that once I'm trimmed out on-speed it handles fine, a little twitchy but nothing terrible. My bigger issue is practicing the break at tonapah where we have some goofy terrain elevations along the break path, very hard for me to be consistent in altitude when my radar-ALT is always going up/down where it wouldn't be during a break over level ground/ocean.
  4. Geko


  5. Geko

    DCS 2.5/Hornet Updates

    I havn't played with the RADAR yet, but yeah mk20s will kill tanks, up to T72s at least (havn't tried t80s or anything), but not reliably, which is to be expected I guess. T55s slightly easier to kill. Light armor can be killed fairly reliably with it. I just want the HT function to work so I can open up the footprint, then ripple off a stick of 3-4 bombs and get some decent coverage 😎
  6. Geko

    DCS 2.5/Hornet Updates

    I was really excited for this one. Mainly for CBUs, they fixed the CCIP aiming, but the HT function doesn't seem to have any effect yet like they said. Still get the same tiny pattern, fine for plinking single light armor, but not ideal for large formations.
  7. Geko

    Screen Thread

    Haha, my GF came down while I was reading back a 9line to CH tonight, reaction was as you would expect lol. The calls come with flying, don't worry-
  8. I'm in for a copy of Advanced
  9. This helped me a lot in VR, thanks for posting that. Much nicer.
  10. Geko


    Yeah there's a couple of us who are usually on/available earlier in the day on friday/saturday/sunday but our weekends are strangely quiet in terms of numbers, except the squadron training events.
  11. Geko

    SAM evasion Hornet

    Been a long time since I've seen it, always been a favorite.
  12. Geko

    SAM evasion Hornet

    Yeah I get it, and there's plenty of validity to that, being prepared for every possibility is good. The part that got people worried and what we're trying to avoid is this: "because the AAA I was practicing with had zero sense of my presence and would only rarely fire at me. I did not know, in the mission, that the AAA was that accurate and was not prepared for it." Which translates to developing poor habits through improper practice (ie: assuming the AAA isn't a threat). When we can get some proper scenarios setup to practice in we'll get a much better picture of how to deal with and react to threats in such a way that it can be applied more generally without having to make assumptions, as opposed to tactics that are only useful in very specific (and unlikely) scenarios. All that being said, it's a game, we're all allowed to have fun doing whatever we want during non-squadron events. I do silly stuff all the time offline, just have to check that at the door during squadron training and missions.
  13. Geko

    SAM evasion Hornet

    Yeah there needs to be balance, but I think that balance point can be made a lot closer to the IRL side of things than a lot of current missions/campaigns depict. And not every mission/area is going to be protected by a dedicated IADS or anything. On the topic of jamming, I bet there's a way to script/trigger it into missions to emulate a flight of Prowlers/Growlers doing their thing at least in a simplified form, would help if we could get an idea of what the practical results of a "jam" by a prowler/growler looks like (reduced range? burn through? deception vs noise jamming? etc), but the likely-hood of ever getting that info is zero I'm sure haha.
  14. Geko

    SAM evasion Hornet

    I'm going to dive into MOOSE and any other scripts I can find to see what's really possible as far as SAM AI and such. Just using triggers you can get some interesting behavior, MOOSE should expand on that and I thought I saw some other IADS focused scripts or something as well. The more realistic (and the more lethal) we can make it the better, real pilots are very afraid of SAMs and take the threat very seriously, even old systems. We should too. But yeah getting down fast and low and learning to avoid a missile the old fashioned way is good, but as Highway said, that only works when you are going against a known target in a lab setting. When I make missions for instance, the big SAM site is protected by mobile SAMs which are protected by IR SAMs which are protected by radar AAA/Zeus, which are protected by BMP/BTRs. Flying low at one is nothing more than assisted suicide.
  15. Geko

    Screen Thread

    Mac and I after doing some tanking.

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