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  1. Geko

    DCS and F/A-18C Updates

    Time for a little update! Much our Hornet work has been focused on an overhaul of the Hornet radar. As you might imagine, this has been a huge task, but it will be worth it for the Hornet and other aircraft. As of today, it's near impossible to shake a lock with just ownship maneuvers. Now we just need to have the radar RTS after lock loss and MEM mode times out. We've also started initial tests of the JHMCS in the simulation. The attached image is an image of the HMD at a VERY incomplete state. We are now adding more and more of its symboloy and functions. MK-83 Ballute and CBU-100 have been added internally. Speaking of CBU, the destructive power of anti-armor sub-munitions have been significantly increased, as well as the coverage footprint. The Flashing X on the radar has been when a person skips turning on the radar during a cold start has been fixed. Target lock in MPRF against short range, high-aspect targets has been corrected. AIM-7 HOJ is active development. New interactive training missions for CASE I recovery, AIM-9, and AIM-120 are now being created. Locked target HUD symbology jumping around has been addressed. TCN symboloy on HSI when viewed from a duplicate display has been fixed. Other items in the near-term cue: - HARM - LGBs - FPAS page - Automatic range scale adjustment - A/A Waypoint, BRA, and Bullseye functions - LWTS ATFLIR is also a high priority, but we first need to complete a an all new and improved FLIR rendering system.
  2. newest i7 cpu, i5 8600k would also be a solid gaming choice (and actually slightly faster in games vs the i7)
  3. Yes, join the VR mafia! Here are my specs and I have what I think is a minimum for a good Odyssey VR experience, I'd be unhappy if I had anything less and I'm already planning an upgrade this winter, but it works fine as is and doesn't hold me back: i7 4790k (Mine has a mild overclock at 4.6ghz) 16gb of RAM SSD GTX1080 with a mild overclock as well It runs pretty well as long as you don't try to crank the graphics up to max, I run a 1.6 pixel density which helps dramatically with reading things in the cockpit and general clarity of the world. It still looks pretty good visually, but not 4k-max-settings-good obviously. I've run it at factory clock speeds for the CPU and GPU as well and it runs OK, might have to turn down the graphics a little more to reduce the pauses. I think 32Gb of RAM would help me out a bit as well and I think I'm going to do that soon, if I don't do a whole new CPU/Mobo/RAM combo all together. Redd has an 8700k and a 1080Ti I think and the 1080Ti especially seems to be the ticket for VR, I'm going to wait and see what the RTX2080 and 2080Ti bring to the table before I upgrade that though. If you're looking to dive into VR, I'd suggest waiting for the initial reviews of the RTX2080 and then make the choice accordingly between that and a 1080Ti. Rest of your system should be fine to run an Odyssey (32gb of RAM will help and an SSD if you don't already have one too)
  4. Geko


  5. Currently we are flying training flights on Wenesday evening and Saturday early morning (both these days are times we can/have run missions as well). We are looking to add another scheduled night, likely Sunday but this isn't decided quite yet. We also hope to do more stuff than just the scheduled flights, throughout the week, as we get a few more members who are available, smaller missions that a 2-4 ship can fly and save the bigger operations for scheduled days when we have more people available. As long as you can make one scheduled squad night a week on a consistent basis you should be OK, the more the better though while we're going through our training syllabus. It helps a lot if you can get on at other times and fly as well, like Redd said in the other thread, a few of us are more available and happy to fly with you most of the time. We do use SRS for pretty much every organized flight and we do have a discord server (link at the bottom of the main page!) trying to push, shove and kick all the old stubborn guys around here into using Discord however is a trick I've yet to learn but we're working on it.
  6. Geko


    Welcome man, ditto what he said, hop on TS or Discord and say hi when you get a chance-
  7. Geko

    DCS and SRS updates

    DCS Server updated to latest open beta.
  8. Welcome! Like Redd said, look around the MAG31 forum, and feel free to ask questions, join the discord (link on main page toward the bottom) and if you see any of us on Teamspeak, feel free to hop in and say hi (currently there is no password, the server IP is The Focus of our squadron is to fly in a realistic and professional manner to best of the ability that DCS allows, individually we're a pretty laid back easy going bunch, but like to get serious when it comes time to fly, probably the biggest thing we're looking for are self motivated people who already have or can learn the basics on their own and show up prepared to fly and learn along with the rest of us on squad nights. We're shooting for a bit more structure and a higher level of formal training than a lot of DCS squadrons. The next several months we're going to be doing a lot of scheduled training, we are more or less going through the actual Marine fighter training syllabus in it's entirety. At the same time we're hoping to be putting on a fair number of scheduled missions and mini-campaigns as well. I know the structure and realism isn't for everyone, but if that sounds like something you're interested in, you're in the right place, and at the right time. We are just starting to get into a groove and start moving things along with some cool plans for the future.
  9. Geko

    DCS and SRS updates

    Updated to newest version for SRS
  10. Geko

    New update for SRS

  11. Geko

    Server was down

    Looked fine to me but I restarted DCS on the server anyway, appears to be working fine (I'm at work so can't try to connect myself)
  12. Geko

    DCS and SRS updates

    We've had a A LOT of confusion on what version of stuff we are on. I updated DCS and SRS on the server today to most current versions. With SRS in particular, since not all versions are backward compatible, DO NOT update SRS unless told to do so here on the forum. Once the server is updated we will post here and then everyone is *EXPECTED* to show up with the current version installed. DCS updated to latest open beta version SRS is on
  13. Geko

    DCS and F/A-18C Updates

    GenX expendables
  14. Geko

    DCS and F/A-18C Updates

    @Redd I was getting the mouse not working on the latest hotfix still 😕

vVMFA-251 is a virtual DCS World F/A-18C squadron flying the Belsimtek/Eagle Dynamics F/A-18C module exclusively. We focus on real-world tactics as best we can within the DCS Wold environment.

vVMFA-251 is not your run of the mill DCS World squadron.

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