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  1. Redd

    F-14 love

    Unfortunately, a Heatblur dev admitted those weren't the actual engine sounds. They were enhanced with the real life audio. They hope to get close to the sound in the video though.
  2. Redd

    F-14 love

    It was a good demonstration of the HB Tomcat. I hope they get the in game sounds to match what they showed in this video.
  3. Redd

    Are you guys still active?

    I went on deployment with them in 2015 on board the Theodore Roosevelt. I'm a Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman in the Navy. Glad to have you poking around. It might look a little dead in the forums because we mostly use Discord now. What's your experience with -251?
  4. Redd

    Happy Birthday!

    To our favorite Brit! We've all pitched in and decided to give you the JHMCS and LMAV's. They're not arriving until Wednesday, but just know they are on us. Happy birthday old man. Now get back in the cockpit and kill some shit.
  5. Looking forward to chatting with you, Zipper, and welcome! We'll chat more on Discord when you get on. We have a flight this evening at 1900 EST, so many of us should be around.
  6. Redd

    Getting very tire of this

    I understand. My Warthog throttle little nipple joystick got mapped to my flight controls. Found out while flying wing on Highway. Luckily avoided a mid-air.
  7. Redd

    Getting very tire of this

    Had a similar issue. A few keys needed to be re-reset. Just roll with the punches, Mac. We still get to fly the F/A-18!
  8. Welcome aboard man. Looking forward to flying with you. I'm a Corpsman and spent 6 years with the grunts, so good to see a Marine join the group. Make yourself at home and chat us up on Discord when you get the chance. Hoorah
  9. Redd

    Weird crash

    That's odd. More DCS bugs I guess
  10. 1. Go to Discord 2. New episode of The Fighter Pilot podcast is up. Topic: The MAGTF (Marine Air Ground Task Force) https://www.fighterpilotpodcast.com
  11. Redd

    Fighter Pilot Podcast - MAGTF

    Yeah, I've listened to that one a bunch of times
  12. Redd


    Thursday Mission Night. OPERATION HOPE FURY
  13. Redd

    The Hurry Cane

    It's pretty lame here as well
  14. Redd

    Late availability

    I could fly late tonight and over the weekend.
  15. Welcome Man! I won't hold being an Army guy against you. Haha. Navy Corpsman here and did a couple tours with the Marines. But served around the Army a lot in various places. Much respect. Anyway, glad to have you. You'll find we have an awesome group here and guys that love flying the DCS Hornet. Make yourself at home and dig into the info in this section of the forum. When are you usually available to fly? What timezone are you in? If you can get on tomorrow afternoon/evening eastern time, I can get on and we can chat on Teamspeak or in Discord. There we can get you set up for a checkride. Again, welcome. Hope to fly with you soon. Hoorah!
  16. Redd

    Radio detection and ranging

    Resurrecting this topic:
  17. Redd

    New update for SRS

    SRS LINK HERE Patch notes: @here New Version (again) - sorry for the message spam We've purged - and we'll never talk about it again... Sorry for the bugs REQUIRES SERVER & CLIENT VERSION or newer - NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANY SERVER OR CLIENT BEFORE! Massive thanks to @MorpheusXAUT as he implemented pretty much all of this! We recommend all servers upgrade to this version to fix an issue that can occur if an old pre client connects. Changelog: - Fix for broken - EAM Name Fix - Option to allow multiple SRS instances to launch - Fix for Server for old clients connecting and causing issues (Recommend all servers to upgrade to this version) - Prompt for Autoconnect if the Advertised server differs - Check for corrupted config on startup - Fix for Hornet for latest DCS patch (Release & Beta) Download here: https://github.com/ciribob/DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone/releases/latest To update - just download - Extract everything from the zip to a folder (on desktop or in downloads for example) - Run the installer - leave everything as default unless your SAVED GAMES folder (NOT DCS FOLDER!) is on a different drive (e.g D:) - Delete the extracted folder - Enjoy! smiley
  18. Redd

    New update for SRS

    Newest version
  19. Redd

    New update for SRS

    SRS update. We doing this? New Version REQUIRES SERVER & CLIENT VERSION or newer - NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANY SERVER OR CLIENT BEFORE! Please Note: SRS is no longer digitally signed ( certificate expired ) so you will click More Info - then Yes on Windows Smart Screen. If you wish to Donate to fund a new Certificate or just for support: https://tinyurl.com/srs-donate Changelog: - Mixing / Radio distortion with multiple speakers on the same or different radios fixed - Fixed for doubles / floats in X / Y Screen position causing errors when loading for some users - Added command line option -cfg="some\path\to\client.cfg" to override config location and name - Fix for connect button getting stuck in certain circumstances - Other fixes Download here: https://github.com/ciribob/DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone/releases/latest To update - just download - Extract everything from the zip to a folder (on desktop or in downloads for example) - Run the installer - leave everything as default unless your SAVED GAMES folder (NOT DCS FOLDER!) is on a different drive (e.g D:) - Delete the extracted folder - Enjoy! Thanks to you all for the great support!
  20. Redd

    CASE I question

    Yup. Pretty much. For now we are going with a 2k separation until we get gud at it
  21. Redd

    CASE I question

    Formation should be echelon in the case of more than one wingman so the aircraft can perform the break. Same for CASE II except there can only be a section, so max of 2 per flight in the pattern. CASE III is performed single ship.
  22. Redd

    30 minutes AAR * 9

    Slight corrections: 1.1nm to 1.3nm abeam. 3/4mi call should be "205, Hornet, Ball, 4.5". Yes "ball" is if you see the ball. "Clara" if you don't. "Clara, ship" if you can't even see the boat. I missed where it says boards on touchdown. Definitely not used on landing at the boat. Used to slow down in the break sure, not at touchdown. Edit: Looked at that powerpoint again. The pics and speeds/distances it references are from the T-45 document. Since it flies slower its abeam distance would be shorter. For the Hornet it's 1.1 to 1.3. That could also be why speedbrakes are mentioned.
  23. Redd

    Helo's on the cat

    You got it. Well you shouldn't.
  24. Redd

    30 minutes AAR * 9

    This will be a great learning opportunity. Initial disclaimer: I AM NO EXPERT nor am I trying to come across as one. My knowledge on this stems from witnessing it first hand IRL, armchair flying it dozens upon dozens of times, the numerous videos out there describing it, and discussions with other armchair and former pilots in other discords and forums. Your plugs: flawless! On my best day I'm probably not as smooth as those were. Everything regarding the carrier recovery needs help with procedural accuracy. After tanking overhead you'd probably enter at the top of the stack and work down. Or exit the Carrier Control Zone (5nm) and reenter at 10nn at assigned altitude. We'll talk about about all that before our Wednesday flight. Each squadron is assigned an altitude for Port Holding. We'll say ours is 2000 ft, the lowest, since it's just us. You need to be at this altitude by 10nm when entering Port Hold. Port Holding is an orbit to the left above the carrier within 5nm at assigned altitude. Work up in altitude at the 3 o'clock position, work down at the 9. You'll get set up from the break from mother's (the ship) 9. You were a bit low in the break and probably a bit too wide as well. You got waaay too high in the break. It should be a level turn at 800' for 1 percent of your speed as G. 350 knots? Pull 3.5G initially. Since you were a bit wide coming in for the break you were too close abeam. Should be 1.1nm to 1.3nm. You broke kinda early for your setup thus were really long in the groove. You should be set up and ready to turn once the round down, or back part of the flight deck becomes visible. That's when you make your turn in, so: on speed, trimmed to AoA, and at 600' by this point. So break later to allow yourself room to get setup. 1to 1.5nm is a good place to start then you can work to break closer. You got waaay too high in the groove. You're descending from 600' so anything above that is high. It looks like you used a little pitch based on how the VVI moved inside the E bracket once you got in close. Just use throttle. You had a centered ball, but since you were placing the VVI on the deck instead of using the ball you got dangerously low in close. Use the ball. Not trying to slam you or be over critical. Just trying to give a little guidance based on my armchair experience and help anyone else watching it. Bad habits are tough to break, especially behind the boat. Anyone feel free to correct me or provide more guidance on any of this as well. Salute!
  25. Redd

    The Meatball and my approaches

    It takes practice, but trust me it works if done right.

vVMFA-251 is a virtual DCS World F/A-18C squadron flying the Belsimtek/Eagle Dynamics F/A-18C module exclusively. We focus on real-world tactics as best we can within the DCS Wold environment.

vVMFA-251 is not your run of the mill DCS World squadron.

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