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  1. Can we start the new Saturday time for this? Brief at 0700?
  2. Redd

    MK-84 vs T-72

    Mk20 and CBU87 are fairly equal. Soft skinned to lightly armored. CBU99 and 97 are for more armored targets. The 103 is the GPS guided version of the 87 and the 105 is the GPS guided 97. The 97 and 105, as they are in DCS, are very effective against armor. Each bomblet has a seeker and they are devastating against multiple armored vehicles. Been a while since I've flown the A10C so correct me if I'm wrong. Once we get GBU38s (GPS guided mk82) and GBU12's the tanks are in for some serious trouble.
  3. Redd

    Desert Attack Debrief 08142018

    Sounds like an excellent talk on. Nice.
  4. Redd

    Desert Attack Debrief 08142018

    Never had to call in support when i was with the Marines, but our radiomen knew and had CASEVAC and CAS 9 Line cards. There are also examples of JTAC's using abbreviated and expedited CAS calls. It doesn't have to be the strict robotic 9 line I'm sure comes to mind. But the flow of it would be useful. Not sure how the missions are flowing, but the platoon/battalion commander making the strategic calls usually isn't the one making the calls for support. That would definitely slow the air support if he/she is busy directing troop movements. I'm speaking out of ignorance of how the missions have been going, but it's something to consider. Did you guys manage to find the targets in the urban areas? Had to be tough.
  5. Redd

    F/A-18C update

    Damn! Won't be home until tomorrow evening. Sounds like the EW updates from Wags' video are in as well
  6. Redd

    F/A-18C update

    Have been seeing the same thing. 9X's are in and are reportedly very flare resistant
  7. Redd

    Air Campaign Planning

    Air campaign planning book/document. Interesting read even if it is Air Force. Would come in handy for mission/campaign planning AirCampaign Planning Also, the Marine Corps 2015 and 2017 Aviation Plans. Interesting reads. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1VfCfMSh0D8dIB-F5ukjQXT-OT9ycvyTb
  8. Redd

    MK-84 vs T-72

    To weigh in, I am pretty accurate with GP bombs and can score hits on tanks pretty consistently, if I can see them, but cluster munitions seem more hit or miss( pun intended). I can have the burst pattern completely envelope a truck or similar soft skin vehicle and they take no damage. Then I'll get it on the edge of the pattern and it takes about 70% damage. Inconsistent. Which sucks because they were used so much by Marine air in the near past that it would be nice to be able to use them. Although, they were notoriously unreliable then, so maybe its intentional.
  9. Redd

    MEU TEST DEBRIEF: 08/13/18

    Wasn't there so asking out of curiosity and from the outside: Since each MEU(SOC), MAGTF, GCE, has JTAC's, will this ground role morph into that using 9 lines? Having a legit controlling agency could alleviate a little of what was discussed in your AAR's. Not a pilot, but from all of the things I've read, spotting from high-performance aircraft is incredibly tough, so don't feel bad GEICO. I've read of guys being talked on to target by JTAC's or FAC(A)'s and never getting eyes on for drops under Type 1, Bomb On Target control. Like you said though, just get into a nice orbit and relax and search. Not saying I can easily do it. GEICO can spot targets at double the range it seems i can. Smh. Not sure if it was discussed in the brief, but talking about actions over the target should be included, with making changes on site dependent on the situation. Or this would be be briefed by the JTAC, which would reduce the chance of mid airs, coming in too low, and rushing to drop. Sounded like a fun time and a great learning experience. Looking for to the next opportunity to try this.
  10. Redd

    F/A-18C update

    Hopefully they make good on these promises. Good things a'comin. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3596058&postcount=74
  11. Redd

    24th MEU TEST MISSION-08/13/2018

    Cool. Where are the desert versions? Come on ED!
  12. Redd

    24th MEU TEST MISSION-08/13/2018

    CBU99's work well against armor, especially in pairs or with a small interval. VT set for 300 feet. Need to adjust for winds on deck though. Wish I could get in on the action. Too bad we don't have WP to mark targets. Or do we?
  13. Redd

    F/A-18C update

    From the ED forums: This week we will probably release a new update to the AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile (AMRAAM) that includes the following: ACT and TTG times. When an AIM-120 is still on the rail, it will display its expected time in seconds to active (ACT) below the tactical area of the radar display. Once launched, the ACT time will appear on the HUD, and once the ACT time has reached zero, it will change to Time To Go (TTG) until impact time. Zero TTG indicates missile time out / target impact. Once the missile is active, you can dump the radar lock and allow the missile to continue the intercept itself. Below the missile triangle fly-out symbol on the radar display, the time to active will first be displayed and then an “A” once the missile is active. Pressing the Cage/Uncage button, you can toggle the AIM-120 to VISUAL mode when a target is locked (STT) on the radar. The TD symbols will still appear, but the NIRD circle and its indications will be removed when in VISUAL mode with a designated target. To use VISUAL mode, simply place a target within 10 nm inside the dashed reticle on the HUD and let ‘er rip. The missile will come off the rail in HPRF (maddog) and will attempt to lock and guide on the first return it finds. Be careful with any friends in your forward quarter
  14. Redd

    Radio detection and ranging

    Only hours flown on the server count, correct? Otherwise I surpass 10 hours a week.
  15. Redd

    Help with Mission Editor

    There is an escort task for the AI, I'll have to check ME to say exactly, but easy way is like GEICO said

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