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  1. Redd

    ***Updated VMFA-251 Skins***

    ALCON, 411 - Zipper added. Please add to your liveries. VMFA-251_DW_Zipper.zip
  2. Redd

    New Mandatory Mod

    Gents, In order for us mission makers to give you a better experience and more variety in our missions, we're requiring the installation of one additional mod. The Ranger79 Mod. It's not an immediate requirement, but you'll begin to see missions using this mod, so please get it installed and working ASAP. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=121620 -Redd
  3. Updated skins. Again. Modex has officially changed to 400 series and modex's are hard baked into the liveries. Select a skin and the number will always correspond. Last time for a while with an exception: still waiting on Zipper's info to make his and Stiletto will get his once he graduates up to 251 proper. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-_z4MPRJmTJ2CdY4ocZHdAOOu9k_Vu8x ***DELETE YOUR OLD 251 SKINS (except the default ED one)*** Download, unzip, and place in your liveries folder. Also in the Google Drive folder is the Flight Suit mod by Home Fries, the guy that originally made our skins. Let me know if there are any issues. -Redd
  4. MAG-31 Pilots, VMFAT-101 Sharpshooters, the Marine Corps F/A-18C FRS, now has skins in DCS as of the latest patch. From now on, all MAG-31 pilots will use the 'High Visibility' VMFAT-101 skin while in the 251 server. Once graduated from MAG-31, you will receive a 251 Livery with your name and callsign. All training maps will be loaded with a couple VMFAT skins at Al Dhafra and on the STENNIS for your use or you can select them prior to taking off, just note this may screw up LMAV use until the hotfix. Questions/concerns? Now go kill some sh/t! -Redd
  5. Redd

    Happy Birthday!

    To our favorite Brit! We've all pitched in and decided to give you the JHMCS and LMAV's. They're not arriving until Wednesday, but just know they are on us. Happy birthday old man. Now get back in the cockpit and kill some shit.
  6. Looking forward to chatting with you, Zipper, and welcome! We'll chat more on Discord when you get on. We have a flight this evening at 1900 EST, so many of us should be around.
  7. Redd

    Getting very tire of this

    I understand. My Warthog throttle little nipple joystick got mapped to my flight controls. Found out while flying wing on Highway. Luckily avoided a mid-air.
  8. Redd

    Getting very tire of this

    Had a similar issue. A few keys needed to be re-reset. Just roll with the punches, Mac. We still get to fly the F/A-18!
  9. Welcome aboard man. Looking forward to flying with you. I'm a Corpsman and spent 6 years with the grunts, so good to see a Marine join the group. Make yourself at home and chat us up on Discord when you get the chance. Hoorah
  10. Redd

    Weird crash

    That's odd. More DCS bugs I guess
  11. Redd

    Fighter Pilot Podcast - MAGTF

    Yeah, I've listened to that one a bunch of times
  12. 1. Go to Discord 2. New episode of The Fighter Pilot podcast is up. Topic: The MAGTF (Marine Air Ground Task Force) https://www.fighterpilotpodcast.com
  13. Redd

    Squadron Questions

    We need to get a check ride in first. Once officially accepted into the squadron you'll be granted access to the full forum, if you haven't already, then be given access to log your hours. We'll need to do the checkide on the Caucasus map, which wasn't up on the server yesterday, so I couldn't get that done for you.
  14. Redd

    Squadron Questions

    Depending on when I get off I can be on. When are you normally available?
  15. Redd

    Squadron Questions

    Hello Chappie. Thank you for showing interest! We do prefer our new pilots have some basic familiarity with the Hornet and its systems. We can take you up for a check ride, which would consist of checking your ability to cold start, taxi and take off, basic systems knowledge (TACAN, radio, radar, EW, weapons basic functions), basic formation keeping, and landing safely. If you feel you have this down, we can go ahead and get you a check ride. If you do ok, great. If you need some work, you can hang out in MAG-31 in training status and fly with us until you are proficient enough to progress to the syllabus. We are mainly looking for pilots that have the motivation to train and learn offline, train with us online, and show up for squadron nights ready to perform. Ready?

vVMFA-251 is a virtual DCS World F/A-18C squadron flying the Belsimtek/Eagle Dynamics F/A-18C module exclusively. We focus on real-world tactics as best we can within the DCS Wold environment.

vVMFA-251 is not your run of the mill DCS World squadron.

"Custos Caelorum"
DCS World Simple Radio TACview LotAtc