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Welcome to the VMFA-251 website. We are currently in a workup period in anticipation of the upcoming release of the DCS World F/A-18C "Hornet"  module. Once the F/A-18C module is released VMFA-251 will be exclusively an F/A-18 squadron but, until then we are currently using the DCS World AV-8B night attack module from RAZBAM as our sole airframe. This is definitely a work in progress but if you're interested in joining VMFA-251 we would love to hear from you.


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  1. Video from last Saturday

    Looked like an awesome time. Hate that I missed it.
  2. All Officer meeting 4/26

    I'll still be flying. Don't land until 2320Q.
  3. VMFA-251 porn

    Taken in the Hangar Bay. Would it be too much of a pain to update our birds if we have our own skins? I imagine it would be quite the pain to keep everyone up-to-date.
  4. VMFA-251 porn

    XO's bird about to launch during OIR in 2015. I was actually taking a pic of the Growler, but got the Marine bird in as well.
  5. DCS 2.5/Hornet/Harrier Updates

    SA-2's should be fun, if not "easy" prey for the hornet. Read quite a bit about the tactics used against them in Vietnam by the Hunter/killer teams. The F/A-18 should be able to outmaneuver them fairly easily if we have the energy and don't lose visual. The DCS Harrier fairs well against DCS SA-3's in its current state, so it should be interesting how they compare.
  6. DCS 2.5/Hornet/Harrier Updates

    Just when I think they can't, they find a way, albeit a small one, to intensify the hype
  7. DCS 2.5/Hornet/Harrier Updates

    Nice touch. Can confirm this is eerily immersive in VR
  8. R. Lee Ermey

    Tracks? Gross. Avoided those things like the plague. Would have been nice to be in one in Afghanistan though. Those Humvee ambulances are not bullet proof. I think he was there late 90's or early 2000's. So before your time.
  9. R. Lee Ermey

    Echo Co. Nice. I was Fox in 2/2. Helo company. Great time. Spent a lot of time in the back of and fast roping out of 46's and 53's. Even got to do some SPIE rigging from a Huey during my first Corpsman coverage. That was a blast. Had a buddy of mine that was in FAST company. Corpsman by the name of Chris Brey. Ring a bell?
  10. VMFA-251 porn

    Worked the flight deck? If so, felt bad for those guys over in 5th fleet. Got up to 160 freaking degrees on the flight deck once or twice. Freaking ridiculous
  11. R. Lee Ermey

    6th Regiment here. Went to Iraq the year before with 1/8. Way back in the day was with 2/2 and almost went on a UNITAS but got hurt doing small boat ops.
  12. R. Lee Ermey

  13. R. Lee Ermey

    I just happened to be there at the right time. We stopped sickcall and our normal schedule so they could film and he could sign autographs and what not. There might have been a rocket attack later that day too. Lol
  14. VMFA-251 porn

    Marine or Navy? There are a ton of people on there as you can imagine. Despite being locked on board together for months I saw a new face every day.
  15. R. Lee Ermey

    Heard about this. Sucks. I had the opportunity to meet him back '04 when I was in Afghanistan. Was actually in the Mail Call episode when he was filming there. HM1 Lightner at the time, check it out. Lol. You can tell I was nervous. He hung out with us in the RAS for over an hour taking a break. Really cool and down-to-earth guy. So sad to hear this news.
VMFA-251 is currently in a workup period in anticipation of the upcoming release of the DCS World F/A-18C "Hornet" module. Once the F/A-18C model is released VMFA-251 will be exclusively an F/A-18 squadron but, until then we are currently using the DCS World AV-8B night attack module from RAZBAM as our sole airframe.
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