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  1. Redd

    Squadron Questions

    We need to get a check ride in first. Once officially accepted into the squadron you'll be granted access to the full forum, if you haven't already, then be given access to log your hours. We'll need to do the checkide on the Caucasus map, which wasn't up on the server yesterday, so I couldn't get that done for you.
  2. Redd

    Squadron Questions

    Depending on when I get off I can be on. When are you normally available?
  3. Redd

    Squadron Questions

    Hello Chappie. Thank you for showing interest! We do prefer our new pilots have some basic familiarity with the Hornet and its systems. We can take you up for a check ride, which would consist of checking your ability to cold start, taxi and take off, basic systems knowledge (TACAN, radio, radar, EW, weapons basic functions), basic formation keeping, and landing safely. If you feel you have this down, we can go ahead and get you a check ride. If you do ok, great. If you need some work, you can hang out in MAG-31 in training status and fly with us until you are proficient enough to progress to the syllabus. We are mainly looking for pilots that have the motivation to train and learn offline, train with us online, and show up for squadron nights ready to perform. Ready?
  4. Redd


    Thursday Mission Night. OPERATION HOPE FURY
  5. Redd

    The Hurry Cane

    It's pretty lame here as well
  6. Redd

    Late availability

    I could fly late tonight and over the weekend.
  7. Redd


    Awesome! Either myself and/or Geko should be around. The Boss, Plague, may be around also. Keep an eye on Teamspeak and just jump on. Or we can shoot for around 7pm eastern.
  8. Redd


    Welcome aboard! I think you've found the right place if you're looking practical structure. We try to fly as realistic and professional as possible within the limitations of DCS, while still keeping things fun as we're all pretty laid back. The level of training we're shooting for is a little robust, but it strengthens us as a team and a squadron in the long run as we're all working through it together. As far as flying, a few of us are available to fly almost every day and to some degree we do. For our training flights it's incumbent upon each pilot to take the time show up prepared to fly and be at least familiar with the day's training goal. Self-motivation will be important to learning the Marine Hornet syllabus as we have interpreted it. Again, many of us fly every day, so that doesn't mean learn in a vacuum. We have pick-up adhoc flights almost daily. Participation is key and what we're looking for. Plus, accruing and logging your flight hours leads to promotions and higher standing within the squadron. Going forward, we're working through the syllabus now, currently working on carrier qualification with our manned LSO and Marshal controllers, before jumping back into the air-to-surface stuff in preparation for a mini-campaign. We also throw in combined arms missions with manned JTAC's and a Ground Combat Element to put some of the training to the test. What days/times are you mostly available to fly so we can get you set up with an IP for a checkride and get you flying ASAP? What time zone are you in? Anyway, looking forward to flying with you and again, welcome aboard!
  9. Redd

    DCS and F/A-18C Updates

    OpenBeta Update today. DCS World Corrected GUI panels behaviour. Panels will be automatically closed when player opening new panel. MP. Intermittent Multiplayer Server Crash VCRUNTIME140.dll on F/A-18С rearming - fixed. Fixed crash with multi-monitor setup procedure. VR. Fixed issue when some menu items are unreachable at high main monitor resolution. VR. Cursor stretching in VR with windows cursor scale - fixed. ME. The high default speed of helicopters at initial WP - fixed. ME. Removed Double dots appears near the pasted unit on the map. A-10C "Stone Shield' campaign: CN localization added. DCS F/A-18C Carrier catapults will work correctly at low and high temperature of the environment. Added missing Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) for RWS. Fix radar boresight mode. Now scan range is equal 10 Nm. Incorrect radar azimuth coverage after lock-on - fixed. HSI waypoint will be the incorrect location on moving map. DCS MiG-15bis Nose light cone from landing light will not be seen if battery depleted. Flaming Cliffs 3 Su-27 SoH BFM mission will not required installed F/A-18C module. Added czech localization to missing FC3 instant action missions. DCS Combined Arms M1A1 sound issue with error message - fixed. DCS UH-1H Corrected cockpit glass transparency. DCS Yak-52 Logbook will work with Yak-52. DCS F-5E-3 Flight manual CN added.
  10. Welcome Man! I won't hold being an Army guy against you. Haha. Navy Corpsman here and did a couple tours with the Marines. But served around the Army a lot in various places. Much respect. Anyway, glad to have you. You'll find we have an awesome group here and guys that love flying the DCS Hornet. Make yourself at home and dig into the info in this section of the forum. When are you usually available to fly? What timezone are you in? If you can get on tomorrow afternoon/evening eastern time, I can get on and we can chat on Teamspeak or in Discord. There we can get you set up for a checkride. Again, welcome. Hope to fly with you soon. Hoorah!
  11. Redd

    Radio detection and ranging

    Resurrecting this topic:
  12. Redd

    New update for SRS

    Newest version
  13. Redd

    New update for SRS

    SRS update. We doing this? New Version REQUIRES SERVER & CLIENT VERSION or newer - NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANY SERVER OR CLIENT BEFORE! Please Note: SRS is no longer digitally signed ( certificate expired ) so you will click More Info - then Yes on Windows Smart Screen. If you wish to Donate to fund a new Certificate or just for support: https://tinyurl.com/srs-donate Changelog: - Mixing / Radio distortion with multiple speakers on the same or different radios fixed - Fixed for doubles / floats in X / Y Screen position causing errors when loading for some users - Added command line option -cfg="some\path\to\client.cfg" to override config location and name - Fix for connect button getting stuck in certain circumstances - Other fixes Download here: https://github.com/ciribob/DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone/releases/latest To update - just download - Extract everything from the zip to a folder (on desktop or in downloads for example) - Run the installer - leave everything as default unless your SAVED GAMES folder (NOT DCS FOLDER!) is on a different drive (e.g D:) - Delete the extracted folder - Enjoy! Thanks to you all for the great support!
  14. Redd

    CASE I question

    Yup. Pretty much. For now we are going with a 2k separation until we get gud at it
  15. Redd

    CASE I question

    Formation should be echelon in the case of more than one wingman so the aircraft can perform the break. Same for CASE II except there can only be a section, so max of 2 per flight in the pattern. CASE III is performed single ship.

vVMFA-251 is a virtual DCS World F/A-18C squadron flying the Belsimtek/Eagle Dynamics F/A-18C module exclusively. We focus on real-world tactics as best we can within the DCS Wold environment.

vVMFA-251 is not your run of the mill DCS World squadron.

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