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  1. Redd

    Work Trip

    I'll be flying out to Washington state for the Navy and will be unavailable from the 15th through the 21st. Redd
  2. Redd

    Regarding the current flight model

    As GEICO touched on, you have to be all over that throttle. Once trimmed up to AOA, and VVI aligned in the E bracket, it's all about the throttle. You really dont need to move the stick in pitch unless you really need to adjust altitude. Stick is only used to maintain angle of bank with throttle used to adjust rate of descent. If you add pitch you throw off your AOA and speed too drastically. And there is no set throttle position. You need to constantly rock the thing to stay on speed. Let it sit too long and you'll find yourself fast or slow and start getting behind the aircraft. If you watch one of the more popular YouTube videos of the break from in the cockpit you'll even see the pilot constantly rocking the throttle to stay on speed.
  3. ED forum post from an F/A-18 pilot's view on the current state of the DCS F/A-18 vs the real thing. Interesting. ED Forum Post Thought I'd throw this up after a little discussion about our jets current state. TL:DR: In the A2A realm it's not too far off and the throttle response is pretty close too, but admittedly twitchy with half/full flaps. On that note: Half or Full flaps for field landing? I land with Full flaps and have no issues. Was watching everyone landing in half flaps yesterday and was a bit taken aback. Need to go back and look at the NATOPS, but I assumed full flaps is the norm with certain circumstances calling for half. I also think this teaches habits you'll need to break when going to the boat. This is why we do the break over land based airfields as this builds the muscle memory when at the boat. On speed AOA and minding the E bracket are tough enough, let alone having to relearn it with a different flaps profile. Disclaimer: just my opinion and just what I have been doing based on what I read/watched and it has been working like a charm for me.
  4. Redd

    DCS 2.5/Hornet Updates

    Found the same with CBU's - Mk-20's. The HT function seems to work, they opened at higher altitudes, but it didn't appear to affect spread that much. It did affect accuracy more as the wind had more time change trajectory. But at 300 ft they're spot on. Edit: CBU-99's do kill tanks. At least the T-55's I've tested so far. Radar is still borked, at least for me. It doesn't lose lock nearly as easily, not at all really, but the problem is getting the lock in the first place. My radar seems to stop working after a bit and only responds once I'm in AIM-9 ACM mode. Then only will it respond and get a lock once the AIM-9's seeker finds it. Also, it's pretty sad that my AIM-7's are 1 - 5 against an IL-78 at ~6.5 miles...
  5. Redd

    Screen Thread

    Roman getting his tanker plugs in...
  6. Redd

    Screen Thread

    You're right Mac. At night and especially during flight ops, it's all darkened ship. No discernable lights would be seen from the pilot house, air ops, or the flag bridge like that. They even lit up the little bubble where the PLAT cam is here. Though there is a bit more light on the deck, but it's more of that orange-red color illuminating it.
  7. Redd

    Screen Thread

    Night AAR... Safely back on deck
  8. Redd


    Welcome aboard! Good to see more ex-military guys here, even if it is Army. Lol. Navy guy here, but spent time around Hooah's on several deployments. Anyway, looking forward to flying with you.
  9. Redd

    Screen Thread

    Full moon lighting... Good enough to fly and fight without NVG's at the moment.
  10. Redd

    Screen Thread

    Talon making his plugs. Talon in a nice parade position.
  11. Yup, I'm using it and it's just what I needed for VR
  12. Posting this here since I didn't want to hijack the debrief forum. Mac, to your post about someone's HUD washing out the target's at night: my bad if he already tried this or I'm telling you something you already know, but you can adjust the HUD brightness and there is a day and night mode switch for it. See pic. 1 is the brightness dial. 2 is the day/night mode switch
  13. If you have a Warthog or similar HOTAS it can be mapped to the paddle switch on the front of the stick as this is most similar to the Hornet. NWS/Autopilot Disengage switch. Or map that function to a button/switch of your choice. Default I believe is "A" on the keyboard.
  14. Redd

    SAM evasion Hornet

    Can't count how many times I watched that movie as a teenager. Lol. The book was awesome.

VMFA-251 is a virtual DCS World F/A-18C squadron flying the Belsimtek/Eagle Dynamics F/A-18C module exclusively. We focus on real-world tactics as best we can within the DCS Wold environment.

VMFA-251 is not your run of the mill DCS World squadron.

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