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  1. Mustafa_admin

    DCS 2.5/Hornet Updates

    DCS World Dedicated Server Update With the launch of 2.5 earlier this year, we have been working diligently on an item we’ve been wanting to bring to DCS World for quite a long time: a dedicated server. It, however, was not until the launch of DCS World 2.5 was this possible, and hence the length of time this has taken. As a dedicated server, the software will not require any graphics rendering, so no dedicated graphics card will be required and there is no audio requirement. This all greatly reduced server load overhead. There will be a new web GUI to control the server. Operation of the dedicated server through the web GUI will operate much as the existing online server does now, but allow you to make changes remotely. We plan to release the dedicated server in Autumn 2018. Afterward, we will investigate adding additional features to expand its capability. Sincerely, The Eagle Dynamics Team
  2. Mustafa_admin

    Regarding the current flight model

    I was doing some no visibility work with Gaspipe a few weeks back and according to the approach plates the counterclockwise approach break on 32 is not permitted at the airfield just for the reason you stated.
  3. Mustafa_admin

    Guess who got his new rig today

    Both CH and I had one too. We would get together and connect them with a null modem and fly Falcon 3.0 together.
  4. Mustafa_admin

    Guess who got his new rig today

    Windows 7 ????? This would explain a lot. Are you really running Windows 7 Mac?
  5. Mustafa_admin

    Guess who got his new rig today

    486DX with 640k of base ram and an 80mb hard drive
  6. Mustafa_admin

    Jester AI

    I know this is for the F-14 but in the video, you get to see some renders of the new carrier and deck crew they are working on as well. Who knows with any luck we might see this for the F-18E/F Super Hornet.
  7. Mustafa_admin

    NVG mod

    This mod does not work in multi-player or at least it did not the last time I checked so its pretty much a no go for us.
  8. Mustafa_admin

    DCS 2.5/Hornet Updates

  9. I’ll set it up tonight and post once it is.
  10. If you guys want to use the squadrons paypal account you can. Once you get a final dollar amount I can set it up to keep track of who payed and once everyone is in payfor the licenses.
  11. Mustafa_admin


    Hi Dirty Welcome to the Tbolts. You should be hearing from someone from our welcoming committee soon to setup an orientation flight. Don’t worry it’s not a skills test for the F/A-18c but rather just a informal flight and opportunity for us to present our vision as a squadron to you. We’ve found that this orientation flight really help reduce the number of pilots that bailing after a couple weeks as they realize we are just not a good fit for them. I’ve given you access to the secure section of our web site so you can look a round and get a better feel for who we are as a squadron. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m looking forward to flying with you.
  12. Mustafa_admin

    Screen Thread

    More than a few from Friday night.
  13. Mustafa_admin

    DCS 2.5/Hornet Updates

    From Wags... Hey everyone, In addition to the nice update this week, the team is working furiously on many other items to get the Hornet foundation solid by the end of the month. Here are some items already resolved internally that will be pushed soon to an update: 1- Unable to select AG weapons after first selecting AIM-7. 2- Canister munitions (MK-20 and CBU-99) are now much more accurate. Note that you’ll need to set the MFUZ to VT. You can then set a Height Of Burst (HOB) using the HT function on the SMS page. 3- Overwing vaps have been added, but need to be tuned! 4- Time to lock for the ACM modes is much faster now. 5- You can now disconnect from the shuttle. 6- Adjusted flaps control bindings for TM HOTAS as a special item. 7- Support for export of DDIs. 8- Course offset distance is now displayed above the CRS value on the HSI. 9- New VFA-122 skin. 10- RWR threat ring logic changed, critical threat inside ring. 11- AC buses now isolated when when engine started without parking brake set. LOTS of other work going on with the radar, EW system, and other items. Thanks
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  15. Mustafa_admin

    F/A-18C Study 101

    There is a MOD for the hud tint that I posted in the readyroom. I am using it and it works really well. You might give that a try.

VMFA-251 is a virtual DCS World F/A-18C squadron flying the Belsimtek/Eagle Dynamics F/A-18C module exclusively. We focus on real-world tactics as best we can within the DCS Wold environment.

VMFA-251 is not your run of the mill DCS World squadron.

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