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Welcome to the VMFA-251 website. We are currently in a workup period in anticipation of the upcoming release of the DCS World F/A-18C "Hornet"  module. Once the F/A-18C module is released VMFA-251 will be exclusively an F/A-18 squadron but, until then we are currently using the DCS World AV-8B night attack module from RAZBAM as our sole airframe. This is definitely a work in progress but if you're interested in joining VMFA-251 we would love to hear from you.


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  1. Screen Thread

    Yeah, I'm not sure why the C-130 likes to tank so slow in DCS. I have tried to bump up the speeds but it just keeps putting them back down for some reason. I'm not sure if its how we are setting up the tanker tracks but its something we need to look into.
  2. All Officer meeting 4/26

    I will also try and make it.
  3. Introductions

    Welcome Megohm, before we can move forward we will need you to register with the forum. Looking forward to flying with you.
  4. FAC time

    CH can you make sure to log your FAC time for last night, please? I want to check the system and make sure that part of it is working... thanks
  5. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Ch!
  6. Books/Media/Podcasts

    I found him the other day for the first time and really enjoyed it... thanks for posting this.
  7. Going up on my soapbox

    S! (Salute) I just want to say that I'm extremely impressed with how well things are progressing with the squadron right now. I know we have a lot of hard work ahead of us still but I really feel we are headed in the right direction. With CH53 in the middle of a move, its been a little hard to flush out some of the SOP this last week but I want to thank Highway, Plague (<--- the spelling correct?) and Roman for stepping up and doing an outstanding job. The key to a good squadron is its foundation and you guys make VMFA-251 rock solid. A special hats off to Roman for putting the VFMA-251 quick look video out. You, sir, have brought into the squadron some very talented and like-minded pilots that I am sure are going to help carry VMFA-251 forward. To all the new pilots in the squadron welcome! We hope you find a home with VMFA-251 and we are glad to have you as part of our team. Please understand that as a group we are just getting started and you too are on the ground floor of putting this squadron together. We understand that there is already a lot of information to compile and process as a new VFMA-251 pilot but every pilot in the squadron is available to help you should you need it. Please don't hesitate to ask. Also, don't let your newness to the squadron stop you from getting involved in moving the squadron forward. Every pilot has a say and the experience and knowledge you bring to the squadron is important to us. You might not always see what you suggest manifest but that does not mean we don't appreciate your input. If you see something that you think might need to be changed or an area you feel we could do better in, by all means, speak up. One last thing for all pilots. We are at the stage as a squadron right now that things can get a little boring as far as the flight schedule goes. We have to as a squadron, however, ensure we have a solid foundation to build on going forward. Training sortie after training sortie can get repetitive but please understand that you the pilot that is flying that sortie today might be the one teaching it to the next new pilot tomorrow. Anyways, time to step down from my box but before I do I just want to remind everyone that "Once a VMFA-251 member, always a VMFA-251 member" and bring your A-game because the rest of us are.
  8. VMFA-251 porn

  9. DCS 2.5/Hornet/Harrier Updates

    That does look nice
  10. FaceBook

    Ok, no worries. I was just going to link our forums to it so that if a pilot wanted to add his post to the facebook page he could do so with a click of a button. I too don't have Facebook anymore after getting about 10,000 emails from them in one day.
  11. VMFA-251 porn

    I like this ole WWII patch on the inside of the tailfin like the picture above
  12. Introductions

    Salute Geko, I think you will find us to be right up your alley and I'm glad you decided to give us a try. I have given you access to the rest of our forum and you should now have access to your pilot's logbook. I look forward to flying with you and if you have any questions please let us know.

    Very nice!
  14. Introductions

VMFA-251 is currently in a workup period in anticipation of the upcoming release of the DCS World F/A-18C "Hornet" module. Once the F/A-18C model is released VMFA-251 will be exclusively an F/A-18 squadron but, until then we are currently using the DCS World AV-8B night attack module from RAZBAM as our sole airframe.
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