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Welcome to the VMFA-251 website. We are currently in a workup period in anticipation of the upcoming release of the DCS World F/A-18C "Hornet"  module. Once the F/A-18C module is released VMFA-251 will be exclusively an F/A-18 squadron but, until then we are currently using the DCS World AV-8B night attack module from RAZBAM as our sole airframe. This is definitely a work in progress but if you're interested in joining VMFA-251 we would love to hear from you.

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  1. Today
  2. Video from last Saturday

    Excellent work on that video.
  3. Screen Thread

    Yeah, I'm not sure why the C-130 likes to tank so slow in DCS. I have tried to bump up the speeds but it just keeps putting them back down for some reason. I'm not sure if its how we are setting up the tanker tracks but its something we need to look into.
  4. Screen Thread

    200 knots a bit too slow for AAR? For such an ugly airplane, the C-130 sure is a pretty looking airplane.
  5. Screen Thread

    BDA on chemical factory
  6. Yesterday
  7. Video from last Saturday

    Looked like an awesome time. Hate that I missed it.
  8. All Officer meeting 4/26

    I'll be there if needed
  9. All Officer meeting 4/26

    I can make it
  10. All Officer meeting 4/26

    No worries
  11. Video from last Saturday

    AWEsome video, Mustafa!
  12. Introductions

    Oh no worries, not stepping on mine. I just put together skins so we had something for the Harrier. Like I said nothing great really, so if we have someone willing to make them I am all about it. I am no artist and what I have done is very basic and...functional lol. Would be great to have legit ones made since my capabilities with skinning only go so far. As for me I am all about it if he wants to make them. CH has a thread up in the forum (guessing you don't have full access yet), where I put up my thoughts on these questions. I know we are having a meeting Thurs that will prolly get you the answers for these questions. Thanks btw for working this out, I look forward to seeing what Home Fries can do!
  13. Video from last Saturday

    Wow man. Incredible work! Great job putting that together. Once again you have far exceeded expectations Mustafa...gotta stop, makin us simple folk look bad lmao.
  14. All Officer meeting 4/26

    I'll still be flying. Don't land until 2320Q.
  15. All Officer meeting 4/26

    I will also try and make it.
  16. All Officer meeting 4/26

    I'll try and be there depending on internet
  17. All Officer meeting 4/26

    No worries Highway just a welcome chat for the new guys
  18. Introductions

    Sorry guys I didn't mean to confuse anyone. When the Squad first formed, I made a deal with Home Fries to make Skins for the F18 when the Module came out and the template was released. He skinned the SU 25 for us back then and we used them to practice Carrier landings. Not trying to step on anyone's toes here. The deal was struck long ago, so we will be getting them anyway unless you want me let HF know we don't need them. With that said, I would propose we let him fulfill his deal and when received, the Squad or CO can choose. Here is the scope (depending on the answers given to these questions). From HF: Meg, Now that we're getting a bit closer to the Hornet release and I have some more time on my hands, I'm starting to think about how to move forward. We know there's a new 3D model and a new template coming out, so work will start with that. With the devil in the details, I have some questions for you. I don't need answers right away, but just mull them over and discuss it with your squadron mates. I assume you want the line birds with squadron members' names and callsigns. Was there anything else you would like for personalized skins (e.g. BuNo)? Do you want a name on the CAG bird? Along similar lines, I am planning on distributing a PSD file that has the completed nose texture with a way to add your own names/callsigns for new members (similar to the one I gave you for the Su-33). Is there anything else you would like future control over after I release the first batch? Being that this is a Marine squadron (and Marines don't usually wear shoulder patches unless it's all uniform), what if anything would you like on the pilots' shoulders? Chest will already be black nametags and squadron patches. FYI, if the hornet pilot model goes from the A-10 model to the F-15 model, I will also include a PSD for personalized squadron nametags. Would you prefer woodland or desert flightsuits? Being familiar with my skins, you may also be familiar with my installer that allows for conventional or compact installs. Would you like me to create an NSIS installer for you that is easy to edit when you want to add new members, or would you prefer to have the textures distributed in the livery folders as zips like most skins? FYI the VAF uses a version of my installer for their A-10s. My plan is to start with the line bird, then do the CAG bird. FWIW, even though VMFA-251 is one of the stock skins included with the bug, I still plan to do your birds based on the TR/Enterprise deployments (like the Su-33). More to follow. Best, Don Also a thought: perhaps woodland flightsuits for home cycle aircraft and desert flightsuits for deployed (e.g. TR/Enterprise).
  19. All Officer meeting 4/26

    That's 2200Q on Thursday for me. I'll be there.
  20. All Officer meeting 4/26

    Too late for me. 3am
  21. Introductions

    I don't mind doing them if we have no one else to. However, my work isn't...artistic or very good, as other's might be lol.
  22. All Officer meeting 4/26

    Will be there.
  23. Introductions

    Im sorry I'm a little lost with this skin business. I thought Plague was making the skins, like he did with the Harrier.
  24. All Officer meeting 4/26

    4/26/18 at 0200z
  25. Introductions

    Yes I did and the squadron is getting me input on what we want.
  26. Introductions

    All; Thanks for the Welcoming words. Tried registering but get a failed security check. I will try again shortly. I am available any night of the week. But unavailable every other weekend. I am out this weekend 4/27-4/29/18. I split my time between VA and NC. Available rest of this week from 17:30 est/dst. <S> To tlhaskell: I assume you got the questions I sent from Home Fries that need to be answered for the Skins?
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VMFA-251 is currently in a workup period in anticipation of the upcoming release of the DCS World F/A-18C "Hornet" module. Once the F/A-18C model is released VMFA-251 will be exclusively an F/A-18 squadron but, until then we are currently using the DCS World AV-8B night attack module from RAZBAM as our sole airframe.
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