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  • VMFA-251 Billets
    Billet Assigned Officer Discription
    Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Plague Responsible for the overall running of the squadron. The supreme authority for all decisions made dealing with the squadron and its personnel.
    Executive Officer Major Redd Responsible for the administrative side of the squadron including attendance issues, settling disputes between members, and overseeing tracking of personnel information. Report directly to the Commanding Officer.
    Operations Officer Major Highway Responsible for the running of the squadron in regards to the flight schedule. Oversees the building of the squadron missions using the operations team; the publishing of the flight schedule; and the tracking of squadron training. Report directly to the Commanding Officer.
    Aviation Maintenance Officer Major Mustafa Responsible for the running of the Squadron in regards to the web based information. Oversees the building and maintaining of the website; Squadron server; TeamSpeak server; and the Simple radio server using the maintenance team. Report directly to the Commanding Officer.
    Assistant Operations Officer Captain Geko Assists the OpsO. Report directly to the Operations Officer.

vVMFA-251 is a virtual DCS World F/A-18C squadron flying the Belsimtek/Eagle Dynamics F/A-18C module exclusively. We focus on real-world tactics as best we can within the DCS Wold environment.

vVMFA-251 is not your run of the mill DCS World squadron.

"Custos Caelorum"
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